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(Yes, this is late.  Midterms.  Suck it.)

Really? – The Dallas Stars? – They’re 1-3-1, and we can’t beat them? Seriously?

I’ll be quite honest, I was looking forward to this game since this season’s schedule came out. Actually, I look forward to The Lundqvist Bowl every year (more on that later), but this year was different. Because it was the return of Sean Avery. I always loved him as a Ranger, and even up until tonight, I was still a big fan of his. I actually wore my Avery shirt the other day, come to think of it. Yes, he had expressed frustration in what he felt was being rejected by the Rangers, then seeing them turn around and give the contract he wanted to someone else. But, honest as he was, he was still gracious(as gracious as Sean Avery gets), and left his teammates out of it, which proved to me that I was totally justified in still liking him beyond his Ranger tenure.

Until tonight. You, Sean Avery, are an ass. Are you an ass for yapping at anyone and everyone during warm-ups? No. Are you an ass for getting all up in Hank’s grill on the first whistle? No. I expected you to pull all that shit. Looked forward to it, actually.

No, you are an ass for this: “Valiquette is really a minor-leaguer and he’s got to get noticed, so what better way than to talk about me?” [Source: Sam Weinman’s Rangers Report] (Ed. Note:  He’s 2-0 with a shutout!)

Also, you’re an ass for this:

With at least half a dozen onlookers nearby, Avery emerged from the Stars locker room with about four minutes remaining in the break and unleashed a barrage of obscenity at Giannone. Unclear what lit the fuse.

During his tirade, when Avery reportedly made a remark about Giannone’s wife, the broadcaster fired back. [Source: Steve Zipay’s Blue Notes]

Going after an announcer and a back-up goalie? You are one classy bitch, Sean Avery. One classy bitch.

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Yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine (flyers fan) about Jeremy Roenick. One of the fond memories I have of Roenick was when his jaw was shattered at the hands of the Rangers. I couldn’t remember who it was that shot the puck that broke Jeremy’s jaw into a million pieces but a quick google search solved that. Here’s how it played out:

Roenick was injured at 4:09. After losing a face-off to Petr Nedved, Roenick was hit on the left side of his jaw by a slap shot from Rangers defenseman Boris Mironov.

Don’t believe me? Click here.

To blow your mind a little more, Jussi Markkanen got to start to give Mike Dunham a rest and Brian Leetch scored the Rangers’ lone goal that evening. The Rangers took out two of the Flyers top Centers and they still lost the game! Effin Flyers.

Before I get too far off course, what I’m trying to say is that after not thinking about Petr Nedved for a very long time, I am suddenly reminded of him one night, and the next morning I wake up to hear that he is trying out with the Rangers to try to get “a few minutes on the third or fourth line.” Thankfully, a Rangers spokesman confirmed, “There is no commitment on [the Rangers’] end.”

Is this a good thing? It’s not really a good or a bad thing. On the one hand, he does have more experience than a lot of the other guys the Rangers have for the third and fourth lines, but this would be his third stint with the Rangers. Stint one was pretty bad but stint two was alright. He even managed to get 32 goals and 46 assists in the 2000-01 season. One good thing that came from Nedved was Steve “Flyer Killer” Valiquette. He was involved in the trade that sent Nedved to the Oilers.

Some other transactions he was involved in either joining or leaving the Rangers:

  • July 24, 1994- Traded by the St. Louis Blues to the New York Rangers in exchange for Doug Lidster and Esa Tikkanen.
  • August 31, 1995- Traded by the New York Rangers, along with Sergei Zubov, to the Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for Ulf Samuelsson and Luc Robitaille. (Way to go Neil Smith)
  • November 25, 1998- Traded by the Pittsburgh Penguins, along with Sean Pronger (Chris’ brother) and Chris Tamer, to the New York Rangers in exchange for Alexei Kovalev and Harry York.

Some other opinions here, here, and here.

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If you knew going into this game that Lundqvist would give up 3 goals on 8 shots in the 1st period and that he would get the hook, what odds would you give the Rangers for winning the game? 10 to 1? 100 to 1?

More on this game coming later.

And here it is!

Both teams played pretty sloppy games that went great with the extremely inconsistent officiating. As Marc wrote above, Lundqvist was pulled after the 1st period after giving up 3 goals on 8 shots. Valiquette came to the rescue, giving up just one goal in the last 2 periods and making 2 saves in the shootout to get the Rangers the win.

Christian Backman added 4 more penalty minutes to his Rangers career and some boos were audible from the crowd. Backman scored a goal to make it 4-3 Rangers just 1:51 into the second period. Backman played pretty well from then on and was not called for a penalty for the rest of the game. Maybe that goal got the rust off?


From Newsday:

“Sean Avery broke his three-week media blackout Monday, long enough to tell reporters after Rangers practice that he had broken off contract talks with the Rangers and that he seemed resigned to the fact that he’ll be playing elsewhere next season.”

Sean Avery turned down the Rangers offer of $2.5 million/season saying that he wants $4.5 million/season.

What an ass.


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