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Let’s go through a projection of how the Rangers roster might shape up:

Zherdev-Gomez-[Jagr or some UFA]


The Rangers have $14.5 million in cap space but that number does not include Dawes, Sjostrom, Fritsche, Rissmiller, Voros, or Strudwick.

Assuming the Rangers will spend roughly $4 or $5 million between those players, they will have about $9 or $10 million to spend on Jagr, Shanahan, and any UFA’s the Rangers might desire.

That doesn’t leave much wiggle room.  Decision time for Slats.

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I’d really love to see Ryan Hollweg back in the lineup. I’d have him take Orr’s place. With Hollweg on the 4th line instead of Orr, I feel it makes the line an actual threat to score a goal once (maybe twice) in a while. By swapping Orr for Hollweg, you make that line much faster.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the 4th line go out and think to myself, “The crowd is back in it, the Rangers are back in this, the momentum has swung back to our side.” And I say it’s because you don’t see Hollweg flying around the ice making the opposition pay for touching the puck. Sure he takes a couple penalties but I’d be willing to turn a blind eye on that (unless the other team scores of course) just to see some God damned ENERGY!

Speaking of energy, where the hell is Petr Prucha when you need him? When I watch the line of Straka-Drury-Callahan on the ice, I see a line that has the potential to succeed but then I hear Sam and Joe go on about how they all want the other to score. It’s not all three of them. It’s just Straka! Petr may be only a buck 85 but he’ll play his little heart out no matter what. We saw him play on a line earlier in the season with dubi and cally. They clicked. If you put him back with one of them and add Drury into the mix (who can really play with anyone) That line, I feel, will succeed.

Slats needs to think long and hard about re-signing Martin Straka for next season. I mean, how does a player go from scoring 29 goals and 41 assists in one season to scoring a measly 12 goals and 20 assists in the next? To even match last year’s pace, he’d have to score 12 goals and 15 more assists in the final ten games. And that’s assuming that he’s gonna play all of those games. If his arm and shoulder are giving him trouble when it comes to shooting, he needs to realize that if he’s not going to shoot, and he can’t even put up more than 20 assists he shouldn’t be playing, let alone playing the point on the PP.

What Martin and Glen and even Tom have to realize is that their decisions are possibly hurting this team. So what they have to keep in mind over the remainder of the season and beyond is this:

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According to Sam Weinman of the The Journal News, Stephen Valiquette would love nothing more than to be a New York Ranger next season.  Sam recently asked Valley about it:

Just how much does Valiquette like being a Ranger? This is how he described it to me:

The staff is the best in the league. It’s the best facility. The best plane. The best food on the plane. The best workout facilities. The best coaches. There isn’t one negative aspect of being a New York Ranger. The quality of life is great here.

In other words, he’s pretty miserable.

I wonder where Valiquette ranks on Slats’ list of players to re-sign.

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With the “we’ve gotten at least a point in every game” streak now at 12 (9-0-3), the Rangers head into Buffalo to try to make it 13 (hopefully with a win). The Sabres come into tonight’s game having gone 4-4-2 in their last ten games but only 1-3-1 in their last five. Their last game was on Saturday against the Hurricanes. The Sabres lost in Overtime.

Steve Bernier, whom the Sabres got in a trade with the San Jose Sharks (which sent defenseman Brian Campbell the other way) will be playing tonight. The NY Post reports that Slats rejected a trade that would have brought Bernier to MSG in exchange for Sean Avery. The Avery Effect be damned, I think I would have made that trade. Then again, maybe that’s why I’m not the Rangers GM.

Last time the Rangers and Sabres faced each other, Avery got a Gordie Howe Hat Trick. My prediction, Rangers win 4-1.

UPDATE: Bernier is scratched. I suppose that his groin injury is still bothering him. -Marc

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