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According to the NY Daily News, Sean Avery’s name and phone number were found in contact book of call girl, Kristin Davis.

When asked about it, Sean was sure it nothing more than a practical joke saying,

For some reason, I highly doubt that… It’s April Fools’ Day coming up and I’m not going to fall for it.

At practice, Avery futher denied accusasions saying,

We’ve been laughing hysterically about this all morning… Oh, I certainly have a lot of enemies – I know that – as much as I have a lot of people that like me… I do know that if I ever was to venture into one of these establishments, I definitely wouldn’t use my own name. I think that that would probably be stating the obvious.

Was Martin Brodeur on the list?

My only problem with this is this:
Sean, how do you go from
Elisha Cuthbert = hotness

To this:
Mary Kate = not as hot as Elisha Cuthbert
To this:

She looks like a he!

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Sean AveryAn inside source in the Rangers front office has told me that Avery is seeking “Scott Hartnell money”, which would be 6 years/$25.2 million, and that the hold-up is Avery would like the Rangers to consider more than just the numbers when they consider his value. Here’s the problem: the Rangers front office sees no reason to pay him more than what his numbers say he is worth. Furthermore, the Rangers front office knows Avery likes living in New York City, and hopes to use that as a bargaining chip.

As with any deal negotiation, there is going to be a lot of bluffing as the two sides play a game of chicken. Avery wants the Rangers to take the fact that he loves New York as a positive. The Rangers, unfortunately, are sticking to the numbers, and seem to be trying to take advantage of Avery’s affinity for the Big Apple.

I think I have to side with Avery here. Here are my arguments for Avery and why I think the Rangers should show him the money.

1) The numbers. Avery has put up pretty good numbers with the Rangers. He wants to make Hartnell money and, to be fair, his numbers are fairly similar to Hartnell’s this season. The Flyer winger has 20 G, 15 A, and 135 PIM in 64 games this season. Avery has 11 G, 14 A, and 125 PIM in 41 games this season. 10 fewer points for Avery in 23 fewer games. At 27, Avery is 2 years older than Hartnell, but still just entering his prime.

2) He is a catalyst for the lineup and a great teammate. Look no further than the Rangers record the last two years with and without Avery to see the difference his presence in the lineup makes. Look, I’m the first guy to say that this is a team sport and that one player does not make or break the team. But, it is a rare occurrence for Avery to play in a game and go unnoticed. The guy is everywhere. Plus, think about how many different linemates Jagr has had this year, and, who has he looked most comfortable with? Avery and Dubinsky.

3) Intangibles. Why shouldn’t the Rangers consider the intangibles? The guy clearly loves playing and living in New York. That should be a positive to his negotiations, not held against him as a bargaining chip. As we all know, many players have come to New York and had difficulty adjusting. Avery, on the other hand, has truly flourished. Plus, any player who goes and sits up in the blue seats for a game when he’s injured is okay with me.

My prediction: Avery will play out of his mind for the next 3 months and play a big part in a Rangers playoff push. As any fantasy sports manager will tell you, an elite athlete in a contract year can be a beast. Maybe that is the Rangers’ intention… to preempt any complacency and then re-sign Avery after the season before he becomes a free agent. Hopefully this doesn’t backfire, because I would sure love to see Avery stay in Ranger blue.

Rangers vs. Isles preview coming in a few …

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After a three day break, the Rangers get back to work tonight in Carolina. The Hurricanes are playing pretty well going 7-2-1 in their last 10 and 3-1-1 in their last 5.

Two of the four newest Rangers will be in the lineup tonight. Fredrik Sjostrom will take Colton Orr’s (chest pain) place on the 4th line and Christian Backman will skate in Paul Mara’s (head) place next to Marc Staal.

The last two times the Rangers have had a long break, the first team they played after was the Sabres. The Rangers won both games (5-1 and 4-3). Before that, their last long break came during the All-Star break. They played the Hurricanes and lost 3-1. The Rangers are 6-2-2 in their last 10 and 4-0-1 in their last 5 with that “one” being the game against Montreal.

The lineup should look something like this:









Petr Prucha is “good to go” but coach Tom Renney says, “we want to give our new guys a chance to play.”

Maybe Sunday against Philly?

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Remember that time we won the Gold Medal?Lundqvist, Backman, Sjostrom, oh my!

Or as Jagr joked, “Swedes everywhere.” As the Rangers get ready for their first game without Malik Jagr Mara Prucha Hossa, we find out that two of the recent acquisitions may very well be playing tomorrow in Carolina. According to Sam Weinman at Rangers Report, Christian Backman skated with Marc Staal (replacing the injured Mara) and Fredrik Sjostrom was skating in place of Colton Orr on the fourth line.

Don’t worry Jagr, Czechs still outnumber Swedes five to three.

Beat Writers boycott Avery?

Recently, Sean Avery has been avoiding the press. Not just avoiding, but making an art of it. At one point he claimed to have laryngitis. Magical laryngitis that disappeared when he hit the ice but reappeared when reporters got near him.

Today during practice, he skated over to the corner of the rink where the writers were stationed. He pointed to John Dellapina of the Daily News, asking him if he wanted to talk saying, “We’ll do a rotation. One guy a week.” Dellapina declined so Avery turned to Weinman saying, “OK, what do you want to ask me? Is there really anything earth-shattering you need to know?” Weinman also declined.

Tired of waiting his turn, Steve Zipay from Newsday asked, “Is there a reason you haven’t talked for three weeks?”

“No comment.”

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avery1.jpgIn the Buffalo game, Sean Avery accomplished one my favorite hockey feats: a Gordie Howe Hat Trick.

With a few seconds left in the first period, he fought Patrick Katela. Then, halfway through the 2nd period, he had an assist on Michael Rozsival’s game-tying-goal. And, of course, Avery scored the game-winner late in the 3rd.

Nice job!

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