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According to the NY Daily News, Sean Avery’s name and phone number were found in contact book of call girl, Kristin Davis.

When asked about it, Sean was sure it nothing more than a practical joke saying,

For some reason, I highly doubt that… It’s April Fools’ Day coming up and I’m not going to fall for it.

At practice, Avery futher denied accusasions saying,

We’ve been laughing hysterically about this all morning… Oh, I certainly have a lot of enemies – I know that – as much as I have a lot of people that like me… I do know that if I ever was to venture into one of these establishments, I definitely wouldn’t use my own name. I think that that would probably be stating the obvious.

Was Martin Brodeur on the list?

My only problem with this is this:
Sean, how do you go from
Elisha Cuthbert = hotness

To this:
Mary Kate = not as hot as Elisha Cuthbert
To this:

She looks like a he!

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