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Folks, the Rangers were still in this one until the start of the third period. They looked dead right from the start of the third. They couldn’t get the puck deep and when they actually kept the puck in the Penguins’ zone, they couldn’t get shots through to the net.

Then there’s the Power Play. The Rangers went 0 for 6 with 9 shots. So that’s a shot and a half per PP. The Penguins went 1 for 5 with 15 shots (almost half of their total). That’s 3 per.

The Penguins’ Power Play is just S-C-A-R-Y. It’s so much different than the Rangers’ PP. They just keep feeding the puck to the point for the quick, low slapshot and wait for the rebounds. Why can’t the Rangers do this? The second line (Gomez-Drury-Shanny) seems to be trying but just can’t get it done. Jagr’s line is just wasting time looking for the perfect shot. It’s just terrible. GO TO THE FRONT OF THE NET! STOP CUTTING BEHIND THE NET! YOU’RE NOT GONNA SCORE A GOAL FROM BEHIND THE NET!

Anyone notice who wasn’t on the ice when the Penguins scored their only Power Play goal? It was the guy in the box who was off for a questionable call that could have gone to either player. Chris Drury.

Chris Drury is the best penalty killer on the Rangers right now. How many times do you see him breaking up the other team’s power play and clearing the puck? Lots of times, that’s how many.

I’m kind of pissed off right now. If Marc has any thoughts he’ll add them later.

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son of a bitchAfter the refs swallowed their wistles for the second half of the second period and all of the third, who else but Tom Poti would get called for tripping in OT? That’s just what happened and the Flyers scored a Power Play goal just 9 seconds before the penalty was over. Oh well.

Now the second round matchups are set and it will be the #1 Montreal Canadiens against the #6 Philadelphia Flyers and the #2 Pittsburgh Penguins vs. the #5 New York Rangers.

We’ll update once the NHL releases the schedule. Steve Zipay thinks that the first two games will be Friday night and Sunday afternoon.

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Henrik Lundqvist, along with Martin Brodeur and Evgeni Nabokov, has been named as a finalist for the Vezina Trophy. The Vezina goes to the NHL’s top goaltender during the Regular Season.

Evgeni Nabokov finished the regular season with a 46-21-8 record, a 2.14 GAA, a .910 SV% and 6 shutouts. This is Nabokov’s first nomination as a Vezina Finalist.

Martin Brodeur has now been nominated as a Vezina Finalist 8 times. He has won it 3 times in his career. Brodeur finished the regular season with a 44-27-6 record, a 2.17 GAA, a .920 SV% and 4 shutouts.

Henrik Lundqvist has now been nominated as a Vezina Finalist 3 years in a row. That is, every year he has played in the NHL. Maybe third time’s the charm? Lundqvist finished the regular season with 37-24-10 record with a 2.23 GAA and a .912 SV%. He finished the season with 10 shutouts to lead the league.

Here’s how the fans are voting at ESPN.com.

1) Who should win the Vezina Trophy?
42.5% Henrik Lundqvist, Rangers
36.3% Evgeni Nabokov, Sharks
21.2% Martin Brodeur, Devils
Total Votes: 21,096

You can cast your vote by clicking here.

All 30 NHL GMs vote for the Vezina Trophy and the Winner will be announced on June 12, 2008 in Toronto.

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Scratch my beard?  I'm too busy playing D!Paul Mara’s beard does NOT itch. You read correctly. According to Sam Weinman over at Rangers Report, Paul Mara’s beard just doesn’t itch. Scientists will be looking into this strange phenomenon.

The reporters haven’t reported back from the morning skate yet so I’ll be in here later with a preview of Game 4.

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Now that the Bruins have completed their season with a loss to the Sabres, they finish with 94 points. That means that the Rangers cannot finish lower than 5th place. The Rangers will open the playoffs against the Devils regardless of the outcome of tomorrow’s game. The only question left unanswered is which team will have home ice advantage. A win in regulation for the Rangers gets them 4th place and home ice advantage for at least the first round. With any other outcome tomorrow, the Rangers will open the playoffs in New Jersey.

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Colton Orr vs. Josh Gratton

Check out this 2005 battle between Colton Orr and Josh Gratton from when they were both in the AHL. Maybe this will be how they decide who gets the roster spot on the Rangers.

Rangers @ Hurricanes Preview coming in a few!

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According to John Dellapina over at the Daily News, the Rangers have signed #1 goaltender Henrik Lundqvist to a 6-year deal for somewhere in the neighborhood of $39 million.

Lately, the Swede’s play on the ice has been streaky. Since December, he has been giving up goals that he used to save, giving up juicy rebounds, and generally just not playing like the goalie we’ve all come to know and love. Despite his less than stellar play, we should note that without Lundqvist, the Rangers (who are at least in a position to make the playoffs) would probably be back where they were in 2004 – looking up from the bottom of the standings.

It’s possible that Lundqvist’s play can be excused by considering the weighty off-ice issues that might be on his mind. From the uncertainty about his future here in New York to the health of his father, Lundqvist has had a lot to deal with this season. Though he insists that his father’s surgery was not a valid excuse for his recent play, it had to have been wearing on him.

But now his father is on the road to recovery and he has a long term deal in place. Hopefully, this new job security will enable Lundqvist to pick up his play (and pick up the Rangers) for the last 2 and a half months of the season.

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