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gortonsfishermanstill.jpgRematch tonight.

This time it’s at the garbage dump of an arena the Islanders call home. Seriously, I’m from Nassau County… and that monstrosity is the best thing we have to name after ourselves??

Anyway, the Rangers are going with the exact same lineup from Tuesday, which means no Strudwick, no Hollweg. Apparently, Renney has something against guys with W’s in their name.

I’ve been hearing a lot of grumbling about Lundqvist and his less-than-stellar play of late. I’ve even heard some people calling for Valiquette to start. My response: relax! As it turns out, Lundqvist is human. That ‘S’ on his chest does not stand for Superman (it’s just the ‘s’ at the end of Rangers). Playing goalie is a streaky business. You might go a few games where you feel it would take a superhuman effort to put the puck past you, and then you might go a few games feeling like a piece of swiss cheese that just passed through a sieve (if that is even possible). Whenever I am not playing my best, I just try to focus on the basics. Get in good position. React, don’t think. Etc etc. Lundqvist has some great goalie coaches working with him, and I feel confident he will back to his usual self pretty soon — maybe even tonight.

The word so far is that Dubliewhatever will be back in the net for the Islanders tonight. But, there have supposedly been a few Double-Penetration-ietro sightings around the Mausoleum. Would you be surprised to see D.P. out there at game-time? I wouldn’t be.

There were also a few reported Gorton’s Fisherman sightings on the LIRR this afternoon… look out.

P.S. I am so freakin’ excited for Duke-UNC on Saturday that it’s really the only thing I can think about. If anyone has something that resembles a coherent thought on tonight’s game, go ahead and post it.

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