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One Puck at a Time

dsc_0298Adam Sherlip has kick-started a new initiative known as ‘The Hockey Volunteer’, which brings hockey to underprivileged kids in, shall we say, less-than-affluent parts of the world.  The initiative’s aim is the bring the happiness that hockey brings to all of us, to all of them; one puck at a time.

While THV officially began less than a month ago, for Adam, things began rolling two years ago when he was hired by the NY Islanders to work on Project Hope, where he got to see firsthand how hockey improved the lives of the children in the regions of Northeastern China that he visited with the project.  This experience made him want to share that joy with children all over the world.  Adam will soon be traveling to the Indian region of Ladakh, and then to Kashmir in the Himalayas.

In order to bring of the game we all love to underprivileged children around the world, we here at 5-Hole urge you to support ‘The Hockey Volunteer’ by visiting Adam’s website, http://hockeyvolunteer.blogspot.com, and contributing to the effort.  Adam accepts donations directly through the site, and also raises money through auctions of hockey memorabilia, including some (if I do say so myself) frickin’ sweet new items, all autographed and donated by the NHL, including pucks signed by Pascal LeClaire and Dan Ellis(respectively), and an Avs jersey signed by John-Michael Liles.

To find out more, visit Adam’s website: http://hockeyvolunteer.blogspot.com

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