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#2 Boston Bruins @ #30 New York Islanders

Eric – Bruins – If the Bruins don’t win I will eat my hat.  *gimmie*
Marc – Bruins – The Isles were already hopeless with MacDonald… now Danis is in net. *gimmie*
Rory – Bruins – Ha! *gimmie*

#25 Toronto Maple Leafs @ #15 Carolina Hurricanes

Eric – Canes – Fantasy team pick (Cam Ward)
Marc – Canes – blah
Rory – Canes
The Leafs have lost 8 of their last ten.  Plus they suck.

#22 Nashville Predators @ #6 Montreal Canadiens

Eric – Preds – hahaha Pekka.
Marc – Habs – The Preds are looking good recently but it’s tough to go into the Bell Centre and win.
Rory – Habs – No dollar bills are going to be mailed out tonight.

#9 Philadelphia Flyers @ #27 Tampa Bay Lightning

Eric – Flyers – There is no possible way that the Lightning beat the Flyers tonight.  None.
Marc – Flyers – The Lightning are back from a long west coast road trip where they actually won 2 out of 3.  But they lost 7-1 to the Sharks and jet lag is a bitch.
Rory – Flyers – Come on, now.

0421080255#20 Edmonton Oilers @ #19 Minnesota Wild

Eric – Wild – I flipped a coin.  It landed on it’s rim.  Bad teams are bad.
Marc – Wild – Backstrom is the man.
Rory – Wild – I flipped a coin – these two are practically the same at the moment, stnadings-wise and record-wise, anyway.

#21 Colorado Avalanche @ #28 St. Louis Blues

Eric – Avs – They’re on a roll… of sorts.
Marc – Avs – These teams are both pretty bad, but at least Col has looked decent lately.  Stl has lost their last 2 and 7 of the last 10.
Rory – Avs – St. Louis is suckin’ it big time this season.

#13 Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. @ #23 Dallas Stars

Eric – Stars – They’re playing pretty well lately.  But then again so are the Sabres.
Marc – Stars – Yes, I’m actually picking Turco.
Rory – Stars – Why not?  I like to mix it up.

#14 Phoenix Coyotes @ #11 Vancouver Canucks

Eric – Canucks – Luongo hath returneth.
Marc – Canucks – Luongo is back in action.  Sanford got waived… ouch.
Rory – Canucks – Not-so-sucky team playing pretty-damn-sucky team. (Ed. Note:  Look at the standings…)

#3 Detroit Red Wings @ #24 Los Angeles Kings

Eric – Wings – Just beat up the Ducks last night.  Didn’t have to travel very far today.
Marc – Wings – When the Wings turn it on, they are the best team in the NHL.  Anyone who has watched a team try to hold on to a 3rd period lead against the Wings knows what I’m talking about.
Rory – Wings – LA shouldn’t even bother to show up to this game.  Save everyone some time and effort.

#5 Calgary Flames @ #1 San Jose Sharks

Eric – Sharks – The Flames probably have the best chance to had the Sharks their first home regulation loss.  But I don’t think that will happen.
Marc – Flames – This would be a big time upset, but I freakin love Kipper almost as much as the Mini-Kipper.  Almost, but not quite. (see video below)
Rory – Sharks – San Jose haven’t lost at home in regulation and only twice in OT.  Yup.

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Where has 5-hole.com Pick ’em been for the last 3 weeks, you ask?   Well, I was in Beijing looking for a lovely young bride.   Eric was on a flight to Florida with his financial adviser.  And Rory was negotiating contracts in California.

Now we’re back, and just in time because there’s a full slate of games on tap for tonight.  It’s a great night to have the NHL Center Ice package.  On to the picks!


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There is controversy brewing over the Penguins’ game winning goal scored by Sidney Crosby in overtime last night.  The big question is whether Crosby made contact with the puck above or below the crossbar.  The goal was reviewed and it stood.  So what’s the problem?  The call on the ice was goal.  The replay did not conclusively disprove that.  It’s a goal right?  Maybe, maybe not.

1Why it’s a goal:
1. The NHL says it’s a goal, therefore, it’s a goal.
2. Someone at Pensblog drew a cute picture!  They can’t be wrong, can they?

Why it’s not a goal:

1. Conspiracy theorists claim the NHL is just furthering the Sidney Crosby love fest.

22. The picture from Pensblog is misleading because the puck was not in line with the corner where the post and crossbar meet when it made contact with Crosby’s stick.  It was actually closer to the center of the crossbar.  Oh no!  The new line goes under Crosby’s arm and the puck!  NO GOAL!
3. Commenter Tom L. on the Puck Daddy post says, “Crosby is 5′ 11″, 6′ 3″ on skates. The crossbar is 4ft high and the puck hit a few inches below his armpits. Unless Sid’s swollen head is 28 inches tall, that’s well over 4ft.”
4. If the NHL had disciplined Crosby for his actions in the game against Atlanta, he would not have even been playing in this game.
5. This picture left by another commenter in that Puck Daddy post shows with more lines that the net is only 80 pixels tall in the image, while the distance from the puck to the ice is 91 pixels.  11 pixels isn’t all that much but it’s still something.

I say it was no goal.  But what do I know?  Onto the picks!


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No, Mats Sundin hasn’t decided yet. About 10 minutes after this was posted, Sundin announced he will be going to the Canucks… more later

1067183 (more…)

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Lightning Canadiens HockeyYes, we made picks yesterday and no, we didn’t post them.  We’re sorry.  But just to show our dedication to this, I am revealing to everyone that Marc and I both picked the Habs as our gimmies last night. The Habs lost. To the Lightning.  That’s right, the Lightning.

Last night, I went 5-3 and dropped my first gimmie of the season by picking the Habs over the Bolts.  Marc also went 4-4 and also dropped his gimmie by picking the Habs.  Rory went 3-5 last night but did not pick the Habs as her gimmie.  She went with the Sharks who won.

Oh well.  Let’s get to some news:

Petr Prucha’s days in a Rangers uniform may be numbered.  Andrew Gross over at Ranger Rants has this:

Renney was asked whether Prucha’s latest three-game stint was enough of a sample for him.

“Yup,” Renney said. “If it wasn’t, he would still be in. He gave me everything he could. It depends also on what you need. Nigel is in primarily because of his ability to score and help create offense. Also, he’s a playmaker. He helps, I think, supplement what we might need offensive by his ability to make plays. It’s where we are and what we need to generate. It’s capitalizing on guys that have been out of the lineup that want badly to get back in and do the right thing as they do that.”

So there you have it.  Nigel Dawes: playmaker.  Did anyone actually notice Dawes in that game on Wednesday night?  I mean besides the time in the third when he blew his golden opportunity.

The Islanders got absolutely destroyed last night by the Pittsburgh Penguins.  Enjoy:

Picks coming as soon as I clear all these hats out of the way… (more…)

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We won people!  We got rid of the skills competition!


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The Rangers faceoff agaisnt the Islanders for the first time this season.  Rick “body of glass” DiPietro will be riding pine with some sort of injury (chronic sucking) while backup Joey MacDonald gets a go at it.

I’m pretty sure the last time MacDonald was in goal against the Rangers, he was a Bruin and he gave up 4 goals on 11 shots (including Ryan Callahan’s 1st and 2nd career goals) after coming in for Timmy Thomas 5:07 into the second period.  He was so bad that the Bruins put Thomas back in net to start the third.  The final was 7-0.

Here are the highlights:

I remember this because I was at this game and it was on St. Patrick’s Day 2007.  I was pretty buzzed and at one point shouted, “Hey Thomas, you’re the reason I’m pro-choice!”  And yes, I got many laughs.

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"Seriously. Swarovski crystals on a hockey shirt? What kind of game are you attending?" -Risa

This year, the NHL unleashed a new line of women’s clothing that, in my opinion, should all be burned. I know for a fact that most women would rather wear an actual jersey than one of these terribly ugly pink or baby blue jerseys.

Long time reader Risa gives her two cents:

The new pink/blue/sparkly jerseys make me want to bash someones head in. The very idea that women don’t want ot wear their team colors is insulting. The colors are there for a reason, they’re supposed to be something to have pride in. Pink and blue makes you a generic fan, not a fan of your team. Why do all female things ahve to be shiny/sparkly/pink or even “cut for a female form?” Just give us the same [gosh darned] clothes as the men in [smaller] sizes! Many of us would be very, very grateful.

It just seems to me that if you’re going to wear sports stuff, shouldn’t you wear it in your teams’ colors? Yes. I have a green Bruins hat (but at least it was a free giveaway for st. patrick’s day).

The team colors are there for a reason so you might as well make use of them. And honestly, what do pink and baby blue have to do with hockey? Nada. (Ed. Note: ) Make womens clothing that is relevant to being a sports fan because we’ll wear it.

I get it, the NHL is trying to broaden its fan base. They’re trying to market themselves to the girly-girls. But honestly, the only girly-girls that are coming to games are being dragged there by their boyfriends. Plus, true female hockey fans wont cover their eyes and scream in horror every time this happens:

Maybe this is part of the reason they are trying to minimize fighting in the league. Which brings up the question of why would the NHL be trying to soften the game of hockey, and in turn alienating the traditional hockey fan, in order to pull in a demographic that, frankly, doesn’t care?

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I was over at Puck Daddy where they are having a live chat.  I posed a question about something I read about last night while watching the Mets lose their 7 run lead.  It turns out that there are rumors swirling around that the Rangers are shopping Scott Gomez in order to make room for Mats Sundin under the cap.  I know.  Ridiculous.  I asked my question which was then answered by Spector and David Pagnotta.  Greg Wyshynski was just there for moral support I guess.

Wyshynski –  Bingo. Back to Gomez, because Dave didn’t get a crack earlier:
[Comment From Eric from 5-hole.com]
Does it even make sense for the Rangers to move Gomez and Prucha just to make room for Sundin? Prucha proved in his first season that, when given the ice time, he can produce and Gomez is a great center that has more years left in him than Sundin.
Spector –  Seriously, though, Dave’s right about the vacation
Wyshynski –  Pags, what do you make of the Gomez stuff?
DavidPagnotta –  I’d be quite surprised if they move Gomez… and talking to a few people around the league, it’s not a real option for the Rangers.
Wyshynski –  Ow, angry Spector emoticon! The man is serious!!!!!!
Spector –  
[Comment From oilersrock99]
I think Spector’s gassy…somebody burp him…
DavidPagnotta –  haha, I feel your pain Spec
DavidPagnotta –  Gomez is sticking it out in the Big Apple.

About 15 minutes before I got to the party, and the reason Spector put on his angry face when I asked, Wyshynski and Spector answered my question.

[Comment From Neil]
So is Gomez being shopped around or not?
Spector –  Hi, Neil, no, Gomez isn’t being shopped
Wyshynski –  NO!
Wyshynski –  Look, like we said this morning: He’s in the second year of a SEVEN YEAR DEAL, and we haven’t even seen him play with a winger that he can mesh with yet.
[Comment From Neil]
and so now what is the likliehood of Sundin winding up w/ the Rangers?
Spector –  Of course now that there’s no truth to the Gomez rumors, expect the “Drury to be dealt to Vancouver” rumors to start anytime now.
Spector –  Unless the Rangers dump considerable salary Sundin won’t be a Blueshirt. Simple as that.
Wyshynski –  Ha! Indeed. And I thonk Drury’s NTC is even more water-tight than Gomez’s.
Spector –  It sure is!
Wyshynski –  think, not thonk. Thonk is not a word.
[Comment From Guest]
Why would they trade Gomez to make room for a player that most likely wont last 2 more seaons?
Spector –  You just answered your own question.
Wyshynski –  Well, the theory is that the Rangers want to drop salary.
Spector –  It won’t be Drury or Gomez.
Wyshynski –  Because, you know, the Rangers always want to drop salary

And here’s some Bruins talk from the trio of bloggers for my Bruins fan friend:

Wyshynski –  This one is just begging for us to address:
[Comment From Super Dave West]
Who are you prognosticators, and why is there no Bruins talk here?
Spector –  Because there’s little to write about regarding the B’s
DavidPagnotta –  Here’s some Bruins talk… their practice facility is in the middle of NO WHERE!
Spector –  No news is good new ,right?
DavidPagnotta –  Took me forever to find that place
Wyshynski –  There’s no Bruins talk because they’re capped out and their coach is zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz … oh, sorry. Nodded off.

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Now that the Bruins have completed their season with a loss to the Sabres, they finish with 94 points. That means that the Rangers cannot finish lower than 5th place. The Rangers will open the playoffs against the Devils regardless of the outcome of tomorrow’s game. The only question left unanswered is which team will have home ice advantage. A win in regulation for the Rangers gets them 4th place and home ice advantage for at least the first round. With any other outcome tomorrow, the Rangers will open the playoffs in New Jersey.

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