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The first day of 5-hole.com Pick ’em seems to have been a rousing success!  The standings to the right will be updated daily and we will now offer a handful of what we feel are the most interesting stories from around the league.  Additionally, we will now give you all a reason for why we picked the teams we’ve picked.  You know, in case we are your main source before heading to the bookie.

  • BASEBALLSean Avery has been suspended indefinitely after sharing his thoughts with the Canadian media. “I just want to comment on how it’s become like a common thing in the NHL for guys to fall in love with my sloppy seconds. I don’t know what that’s about. Enjoy the game tonight.” Come on, that’s funny!
  • Speaking of Avery, M Hurley over at My Blueshirt Heaven calls out the NHL or National Hypocrites League for their reaction to the situation. “This is the same league that has let a criminal like Todd Bertuzzi play again after he criminally assaulted and ended the career of Steve Moore.”
  • The All Star voting is still a joke, but at least Jarome Iginla has broken the Red Wings hold on the West.  In the East, Sidney Crosby is now only 40,000 votes behind Alex Tanguay for a spot on the starting lineup.

We’ll get into our picks for tonight after the jump… (more…)

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This is a new daily feature here on 5-hole.com.  Everyday, Marc, Rory, and I will each pick which teams we think will win that day.  Each of us will consider one of our picks to be a “gimmie” meaning that there is no way that we will get that pick wrong.  At the end of the season, the writer with the most correct picks wins!  In the event of a tie, the percentage of gimmies correctly chosen will break the tie.  Pretty straight forward right?

And don’t forget to vote early and vote often for the New York Rangers for the All Star Game.  Or, just write a program that votes thousands of times for you!

On to the picks! (Rankings are for the entire league).

#30 Tampa Bay Lightning @ #12 Philadelphia Flyers

Eric – Flyers
Marc – Flyers
Rory – Flyers

#26 Florida Panthers @ #11 Washington Capitals

Eric – Capitals
Marc – Panthers
Rory – Capitals

#29 Atlanta Thrashers @ #7 Montréal Canadiens

Eric – Habs *gimmie*
Marc – Habs
Rory – Habs

#28 Dallas Stars @ #10 Calgary Flames

Eric – Flames
Marc – Flames
Rory – Flames

#21 Los Angeles Kings @ #23 Phoenix Coyotes

Eric – Coyotes
Marc – Coyotes
Rory – Kings

#20 Toronto Maple Leafs @ #1 San Jose Sharks

Eric – Sharks
Marc – Sharks *gimmie*
Rory – Sharks *gimmie*

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"Seriously. Swarovski crystals on a hockey shirt? What kind of game are you attending?" -Risa

This year, the NHL unleashed a new line of women’s clothing that, in my opinion, should all be burned. I know for a fact that most women would rather wear an actual jersey than one of these terribly ugly pink or baby blue jerseys.

Long time reader Risa gives her two cents:

The new pink/blue/sparkly jerseys make me want to bash someones head in. The very idea that women don’t want ot wear their team colors is insulting. The colors are there for a reason, they’re supposed to be something to have pride in. Pink and blue makes you a generic fan, not a fan of your team. Why do all female things ahve to be shiny/sparkly/pink or even “cut for a female form?” Just give us the same [gosh darned] clothes as the men in [smaller] sizes! Many of us would be very, very grateful.

It just seems to me that if you’re going to wear sports stuff, shouldn’t you wear it in your teams’ colors? Yes. I have a green Bruins hat (but at least it was a free giveaway for st. patrick’s day).

The team colors are there for a reason so you might as well make use of them. And honestly, what do pink and baby blue have to do with hockey? Nada. (Ed. Note: ) Make womens clothing that is relevant to being a sports fan because we’ll wear it.

I get it, the NHL is trying to broaden its fan base. They’re trying to market themselves to the girly-girls. But honestly, the only girly-girls that are coming to games are being dragged there by their boyfriends. Plus, true female hockey fans wont cover their eyes and scream in horror every time this happens:

Maybe this is part of the reason they are trying to minimize fighting in the league. Which brings up the question of why would the NHL be trying to soften the game of hockey, and in turn alienating the traditional hockey fan, in order to pull in a demographic that, frankly, doesn’t care?

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