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The NHL handed down a one-game suspension to the Sabres’ Andrew Peters this morning. This comes after he involved himself in an altercation that was on the ice while he was on the bench. Peters reached over the boards and punch Colton Orr multiple times. Both players were given 10-minute Misconducts. Peters was probably still upset over having his ass handed to him early in the first period (the altercation at the end of regulation is also in this video):

Peters suspension is without pay meaning that he forfeits $2807.49. That money will go to the Players’ Emergency Assistance Fund.

Peters will not play tonight against the Penguins.

Colton Orr is waiting for the 2008-2009 schedule to be released so he can mark down on his calendar when Andrew Peters will receive his next severe beat-down.

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I very very rarely complain about officiating. It’s a tough job, and for the most part the refs in the NHL do it pretty well. I do, however, have a problem with the calls made (and not made) at the end of the 3rd period of tonight’s game. If you didn’t watch, here’s what happened:

Just before the end of regulation, Colton Orr threw a vicious but clean hit on a Buffalo player right in front of the Buffalo bench. As the horn sounded to end the period, Sabres forward Andrew Peters — who was not on the ice! — threw a left hook at Colton Orr from the bench. Orr responded with a shove, and Peters threw in another punch for good measure.

The only calls were a 10-minute misconduct on both Orr and Peters. What? Really? If you are the referee… what do you call? Certainly Peters deserves a misconduct, which he got. But I would argue that he deserves at least a roughing penalty as well. And why is there a misconduct on Orr? At any rate, throwing a punch from the bench is bush league.

Anyway… I can’t be too mad because the Rangers won the game. It was a closely contested match but the blueshirts got the 2 points they needed.

Eric will have some more on this game later…

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