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I hope everyone’s ready for Graves Night tonight!  And the Rangers are playing the Thrashers, so let’s hope they can pull a win out of their asses for Gravy.  Because if they don’t, good lord will that be embarrassing.

On to the picks! (I’m feeling lazy today, so they won’t be in the regular game by game format)


Eric’s Picks:

Devils over Caps – The Devils are red hot while the Caps are pretty bad on the road.
Lightning – It’s all on you, Karri Ramo!
BJ’s – Yes, yes.  That’s what she said.
Panthers – I’m go out on a limb and say that no Canadian teams will win tonight.
Pens – I mean it!
Kings – I’m serious, guys.
Coyotes – Every time I pick them they lose!  Maybe they read this blog and the pressure of having to live up to my predictions is killing them.  Or not.
RANGERS! over Thrashers – They can’t lose on Adam Graves night!  Does anyone else find it strange that they played the Thrashers last year on Brian Leetch night? *gimmie* (Ed. note: yes, Eric, we do)
Flames – OK.  Maybe one Canadian team will win.
Blackhawks over Oilers – The oil gave up 10 to the Sabres.  How will they fare against the Hawks?
Canes – Yes, the Canes.

Rory’s Picks:

Devils over Caps – I hate them, but Washington sucks on the road. *gimmie*

Lightning over Islanders – I think even Barry Melrose’s mullet could beat the Islanders at this point.

Blue Jackets over Blues – Battle of the Blue!

Leafs over Panthers – I’m picking the exact opposite of Eric’s non-Canadian picks.  Bwahaha!

Penguins over Montreal – Montreal deserves to lose every game from here on out for wearing those disgusting barber-pole sweaters.

Kings over Sens – The Sens are just pitiful.

Predators over Coyotes – Why not?

Rangers over Thrashers – If the Rangers lose, Mess will cry.  Oh, wait…

Stars over Flames – I’m feelin’ the love for the big D lately.

Blackhawks over Oilers – I could care less about this game.  I just picked one.

Hurricanes over Canucks – Take that, Mats.

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Hey everyone, I’m doing Pick ‘Em today – hooray!  Marc’s taking a break for a while, so it’s just me and Eric for a while.


St. Louis Blues v. Detroit Red Wings

Rory – Red Wings over Blues: *gimmie* Come on, now.

Eric – Red Rings over Blues: They don’t like losing two in a row.

Calgary Flames v. Colorado Avalanche

Rory – Flames over Avs: I don’t really have a reason for this, I just think they’re gonna win.

Eric – Flames over Avs: *gimmie* Kipper is a beast.

Anaheim Ducks v. Buffalo Sabres

Rory – Ducks over Buffaslugs: Sure.

Eric – Sabres over Ducks: Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

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