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The other night, the Edmonton Oilers were wrecked by the Buffalo Sabres in Edmonton losing by the score of 10-2.  The game was so bad that when the Sabres were leading 9-2, the Edmonton fans started chanting, “We want 10!”

They even cheered the goal!  The only time I can recall Rangers fans, or and fans for that matter, cheering for the opposing team was when Eddie Giacomin returned to the Garden as a Red Wing.  The Rangers fans booed the Rangers every time they scored that night and cheered when the Red Wings scored.  Edd-ie! Edd-ie! Edd-ie!

This hour has 22 minutes has a great video on the All Star Game:

Follow this link and then play the video titled, “Geri at the NHL All Star Game.”  (Duh).


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Good Luck Sam

Sam Weinman has decided to leave the Rangers beat to take a senior editor position at http://www.golfdigest.com.  And seriously, who can blame him?  That’s a serious step up from blog writer.

First we lose John Dellapina, and now Sam Weinman?  All we have left is Steve Zipay, a squirrel, and a crotchity old man.

Not to say that Zipay is bad.  I actually enjoy his writing.

From all of us here at 5-hole.com, good luck in your new job, Sam.  You will be missed.

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Birthday Tackle

I am absolutely swamped with work today, so sadly, there will not any Birthday Punches today, because I just don’t have time.  Please try to hold back your tears.

However, today is Dominik Hasek’s 44th birthday, and I couldn’t leave him out just because I’m busy.  So I give you one of my favorite clips of “The Dominator”.  Enjoy!


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But Ryan Callahan isn’t because he has the flu. (more…)

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The Rangers are on the rood in Pittsburgh tonight playing the Penguins in Mellon Arena.  Game time is 7:30pm, and the game can be seen MSG + (NOTE THE CHANNEL CHANGE AND THE CHANGED START TIME!), or if you have the Center Ice Package, Game Channel 3 for the Pittsburgh feed in HD, and Game Channel 4 for the MSG + non-HD feed.


Stevie V stood tall for the Rangers last night, and should have been one of the night's 3 stars.  But that's just my opinion.

Stevie V stood tall for the Rangers last night, and should have been one of the night's 3 stars. But that's just my opinion.



Ok people, my day has been crazy and it’s not over yet, so I have to make this quick.  Basically, the Rangers won their last game, Pittsburgh hasn’t played since before the All Star Break, and that was a loss to Carolina.  The last two times these teams have faced each other, the results were 4-0 Rangers, and 3-0 Penguins.  So we’ll see what tonight brings.

Henrik Lundqvist will be in net for the Rangers, and Sidney Crosby is most likely playing tonight, even though he was rumored to be sitting it out with a busted knee.  Also, Dan Fristche had cleared waivers and is currently in Hartford.





Numbers breakdown:

Penguins record: 23-21-4   –   4-6-0  in their last 10  –  11-11-2 at home

Rangers record: 29-16-4   –  7-3-0  in their last 10  –  13-8-2 on the road

Average goals scored in a game:

Penguins: 2.94

Rangers: 2.49

Average goals allowed in a game:

Penguins: 2.98

Rangers: 2.55

Power Play

Penguins: 16.7%

Rangers: 15.1%

Penalty Kill:

Penguins: 79.5%

Rangers: 87.9%

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Birthday Punches

Colin Fraser – Chicago Blackhawks – 24
Daniel Carcillo – Phoenix Coyotes – 24
Alexei Smirnov – Anaheim Ducks – 27 (doesn’t meet the requirements, but gets in based on name)
Michal Pivonka – Washington Capitals – 43
Normand Rochefort – Quebec Nordiques – 48
Stan Smyl – Vancouver Canucks – 51
Mark Napier – Buffalo Sabres – 52
Colin Campbell – Pittsburgh Penguins – 56
Paul Henderson – Detroit Red Wings – 66
Jack Egers – Washington Capitals – 60
Arnie Brown – New York Islanders – 67

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First off, I would like to point out that I did much better than Marc did on Wednesday January 21, 2008.  Why is it necessary to point out that I went 6-3 while he went 2-7 that night?  Because I had so much work that day that I flipped a coin to pick the winner of each game.  That’s why.

Petr Prucha is a healthy scratch for tonight.  I think I figured out why.  I only have one question… What was Petr doing in Chicago?

On to the picks…


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Breaking News: Fritsche waived

6a00d83451c1ce69e2010535c25eaa970b-800wiThis is strictly a rumor as of now, but Sam Weinman has written that the Rangers have waived Dan Fritsche.

The Rangers have confirmed that they placed Dan Fritsche on waivers. It’s unclear whether this is a precautionary move to clear up salary cap space for down the road, or a precursor to something else more imminent.

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The Rangers are at home tonight against the Carolina Hurricanes.  The puck drops at 7pm and can be seen locally on MSG.  I forgot to set my DVR before I left for class this morning, so I can’t tell you what Center Ice channel it’s on.  My bad.

UPDATE: It’s on Game Channel 3 on the Center Ice package. Woo!

So, at last, the greatest celebration of the greatest team that ever played in the greatest city that ever existed All-Star Game is over.  We don’t have to hear about it anymore.  Don’t get me wrong, it was fun, and I know you all read and thoroughly enjoyed my coverage of the weekend(shameless plugshameless plug).  Right?  Say yes.  Say yes, dammit!  But I’m glad I don’t have to hear about it anymore.  Hank played pretty badly – for him anyway – but who cares?  It’s the All-Star Game!  He could have laid down in the crease and taken a nap and it wouldn’t have mattered.



Anyway, now we can get back to the regular season, and, more specifically, the push for the playoffs.  The Rangers currently sit 5th in the Eastern Conference with 60 points, 13 points behind conference leader Boston.  So at the moment, they’re making the playoffs, but don’t have home-ice advantage.  That may very well change in the coming months, we’ll see if it’s for the better or the worse.

The Rangers won their last three games going into the All-Star Break, and should be good and well-rested and ready to go on tear heading down the stretch.

The Hurricanes have been a bit streaky lately – they won their last two games before the break, but lost five straight before that.  So, we’ll see what tonight brings.

Prucha and Korpikoski are still in the lineup, and Aaron Voros and Dan Fritsche will most likely be healthy scratches.  Steve Valliquette will be in net for the Rangers, and Cam Ward will most likely be between the pipes for Carolina.

UPDATE: I lied, Prucha out, Voros in.

Photo credit: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Numbers breakdown:

Canes record: 23-20-5   –   5-5-0  in their last 10  –  11-10-4 on the road

Rangers record: 28-16-4   –  6-3-1  in their last 10  –  15-8-2 at home

Average goals scored in a game:

Canes: 2.50

Rangers: 2.48

Average goals allowed in a game:

Canes: 2.90

Rangers: 2.56

Power Play

Canes: 15.8%

Rangers: 15.2%

Penalty Kill:

Canes: 78.1%

Rangers: 87.6%

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Birthday Punches

This is the first of what should be and will hopefully be a daily feature here at 5-Hole: where we let you know who in the hockey world is celebrating their birthday today!  All active NHL players will be listed, as well as any retired players who have played a decent amount of games.  That dude that played 1 game into 1983 hasn’t earned the right to be acknowledged on this prestigious website.  You hear that?  He hasn’t earned it!


Liam Reddox – Edmonton Oilers- 23
DJ King – St. Louis Blues – 25
Carlo Colaiacovo – St. Louis Blues – 26
Patrice Brisebois – Montreal Canadiens – 38
Rhett Warrener  – Calgary Flames – 33
Tomi Kallio – 32
Dave Manson – 42
Mark Lawrence – 29
Alexander Godynyuk – 39
Brian Engblom – 54
Jiri Bubla – 59
Hector Marini – 52
Terry Harper – 69

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