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Yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine (flyers fan) about Jeremy Roenick. One of the fond memories I have of Roenick was when his jaw was shattered at the hands of the Rangers. I couldn’t remember who it was that shot the puck that broke Jeremy’s jaw into a million pieces but a quick google search solved that. Here’s how it played out:

Roenick was injured at 4:09. After losing a face-off to Petr Nedved, Roenick was hit on the left side of his jaw by a slap shot from Rangers defenseman Boris Mironov.

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To blow your mind a little more, Jussi Markkanen got to start to give Mike Dunham a rest and Brian Leetch scored the Rangers’ lone goal that evening. The Rangers took out two of the Flyers top Centers and they still lost the game! Effin Flyers.

Before I get too far off course, what I’m trying to say is that after not thinking about Petr Nedved for a very long time, I am suddenly reminded of him one night, and the next morning I wake up to hear that he is trying out with the Rangers to try to get “a few minutes on the third or fourth line.” Thankfully, a Rangers spokesman confirmed, “There is no commitment on [the Rangers’] end.”

Is this a good thing? It’s not really a good or a bad thing. On the one hand, he does have more experience than a lot of the other guys the Rangers have for the third and fourth lines, but this would be his third stint with the Rangers. Stint one was pretty bad but stint two was alright. He even managed to get 32 goals and 46 assists in the 2000-01 season. One good thing that came from Nedved was Steve “Flyer Killer” Valiquette. He was involved in the trade that sent Nedved to the Oilers.

Some other transactions he was involved in either joining or leaving the Rangers:

  • July 24, 1994- Traded by the St. Louis Blues to the New York Rangers in exchange for Doug Lidster and Esa Tikkanen.
  • August 31, 1995- Traded by the New York Rangers, along with Sergei Zubov, to the Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for Ulf Samuelsson and Luc Robitaille. (Way to go Neil Smith)
  • November 25, 1998- Traded by the Pittsburgh Penguins, along with Sean Pronger (Chris’ brother) and Chris Tamer, to the New York Rangers in exchange for Alexei Kovalev and Harry York.

Some other opinions here, here, and here.

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watch some Bruce Springsteen footage from the concert Marc and I attended last night at Giants Stadium.

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According to Steve Zipay, Fedrik Sjostrom has accepted the Rangers qualifying offer for 1 year at $840,000.  This might make the Rangers the deepest team in the NHL.

Sjostrom had two goals and two assists in 18 games last season playing mostly on the 4th line.  He’s probably going to have to fight for a spot on the team considering the large number of 3rd and 4th line players that the Rangers have added since July 1.

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Games of note:

10/4-10/5: Rangers open season in Prague against the revamped, offense heavy Lightning.

10/10: Rangers home opener against the Chicago Blackhawks.  Also my birthday.

10/18: Rangers faceoff against the defending Stanley Cup Champion Red Wings

10/20: Sean Avery returns to MSG with the Stars.

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The 2008-2009 nhl schedule

will be released tomorrow.

Update 7/17: Now my sources are saying it will be released today.

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Devil killer

Nigel Dawes: Devil killer

The Rangers announced they have re-signed Forward Nigel Dawes.  I am happy about this.  Tom, if you’re reading this.  MAKE THE THIRD LINE DAWES-DUBINSKY-PRUCHA!

The terms of the agreement have not been released yet.

Update 7/17: The deal was for one year and $587,500 —  a bargain at twice the price!

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The Rangers signed 23-year-old center Dan Fritsche to a contract today, but did not release the terms.  Fritsche had applied for arbitration, but that will no longer be necessary.

I’m guessing that the Rangers have plans to use Fritsche as their 4th center, which leaves Blair Betts somewhat in limbo for now.

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This morning I woke to the comedy that is the ownership of the New York Islanders.  Oh what fun it must be to be a fan of the Islanders.  You never know what will happen next!

Anyway, it seems that the Rangers shipped Ryan Hollweg to the Maple Leafs in exchange for a bag of used pucks and a 5th round draft pick.  Some might say that Hollweg’s fate was sealed when he got that boarding penalty during game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semi-finals against the Penguins.  I just think that he reached the peak of his potential and Slats and Tom realized this.  Plus he had the gift of taking inopportune penalties that cost the Rangers multiple games and all he could come up with was, “I was playing my game.”

Well have fun playing your game in Toronto.

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The NHL and the newly formed Russian Continental Hockey League (abbreviated KHL) agreed today at a meeting in Zurich to respect the validity of player contracts across all borders.

The immediate impact of the agreement will be to put an end to KHL teams offering big money to NHL players if they walk out on the remaining years of their NHL contracts.

In the long-term, this agreement will serve to stimulate the rapid globalization of the game of hockey.  The possibility of a 2012 Hockey World Cup was reportedly discussed but no concrete plans were made.

Is it out of the question to ponder the possibility of a worldwide league within a decade where the winner of the Stanley Cup would meet the winner of the Gagarin Cup in a yearly World Championship??

Read the full article here.

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Take a look at the Rangers projected roster for 2008-2009.  The top 3 lines and the defense are pretty much set, but there seem to be too many forwards.



By my calculations the Rangers have an excess of 3 NHL forwards plus 3 more NHL-caliber forwards currently in Hartford.  Because of this, it might be a good idea to make a salary-clearing trade for draft picks.   It’s safe to say that the Rangers still have interest in signing a proven goal-scorer either during the off-season or before the trade deadline next year.  If the Rangers can add some cap space to the $3.3 million they currently have, they would be in the running to make a play for a top-quality winger.


Update: Forgot about Kalinin. Thanks to the commenter “Jagr”.

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