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The Rangers and Penguins will meet again tonight for the 2nd day in a row in what is the 8th and final matchup of the season between the two teams. After yesterday’s 3-1 loss, the Rangers are 4-3-0 on the season against the Penguins, with three of those wins coming at MSG.

I don’t want to jump on the “Crosby dives” bandwagon, but did anyone else think that the alleged high stick penalty perpetrated by Gomez seemed to catch Crosby in the chest, followed by a slight delay, then an over-exaggerated reaction from Sid?

Anyway, in the standings, wow is this thing getting crowded or what! This will be a real battle for 6th place. If you’re going to be in the bottom half of the standings, 6th place is the place to be. Even though you don’t have home-ice advantage, you open the playoffs against the 3-seed, which is the weakest of the division leaders.

The Rangers line-up will remain the same tonight. Blair Betts skated for the first time since his surgery, and should be ready to come back soon. Colton Orr is wearing a boot on his foot and will be out for at least another game. I liked the 4th line with Prucha, Sjostrom, and Hollweg. They had a couple of scoring chances and looked like our best line for much of the 3rd period.

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According to the NY Daily News, Sean Avery’s name and phone number were found in contact book of call girl, Kristin Davis.

When asked about it, Sean was sure it nothing more than a practical joke saying,

For some reason, I highly doubt that… It’s April Fools’ Day coming up and I’m not going to fall for it.

At practice, Avery futher denied accusasions saying,

We’ve been laughing hysterically about this all morning… Oh, I certainly have a lot of enemies – I know that – as much as I have a lot of people that like me… I do know that if I ever was to venture into one of these establishments, I definitely wouldn’t use my own name. I think that that would probably be stating the obvious.

Was Martin Brodeur on the list?

My only problem with this is this:
Sean, how do you go from
Elisha Cuthbert = hotness

To this:
Mary Kate = not as hot as Elisha Cuthbert
To this:

She looks like a he!

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Rangers Edge Devils 3-2

Christian Backman: just when I think you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this…and totally redeem yourself!

More later.

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If you’re not on the Davidson bandwagon yet, check this out. They are giving away free trips to Detroit with free tickets to any student who wants to go to the regionals! I was already a fan of Davidson (they played Duke tough earlier this year and I predicted their upset over Georgetown in my pool), but now I am 100% on the bandwagon. Watch out Wisconsin!

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Scott Gomez will be on the ice for warm-ups but will make a game-time decision as to whether he can play against his former team. If Gomez plays, the three scoring lines should return to “normal”. That is:


For the 4th line, I’d like to see Prucha and Hollweg stay in the lineup with Sjostrom joining them. Prucha showed enough feistiness and a willingness to throw a hit on Tuesday that I think placing the little guy on the 4th line is not too much of a stretch. Plus, having a 4th line that might actually score a goal would be nice for a change. This would leave Colton Orr as the odd man out, which certainly brings down the team’s toughness quotient, but in a game that has such big playoff implications, I think fighting and toughness take a back seat to scoring goals.

Speaking of playoff implications, a win tonight does not move the Rangers up the standings, but they can equal the Devils at 91 points if they win in regulation. (Devils have the tie-break with more wins)

Having Michal Rozsival back will be a big plus for the team. With a much slower Defense on display Tuesday against the Flyers, the Rangers played a conservative game in an effort to keep a Blueshirt between the Flyers speedy forwards and Mr. Lundqvist. It worked fairly well until we were exposed in the 4-on-4 extra frame. Having Rozsival in the lineup gives the Rangers the luxury of being more aggressive moving the puck up the ice.

The biggest question for Rangers tonight, (aside from whether Gomez will be in the lineup), is if the Rangers can generate some offense and put some pucks behind Marty Brodeur.

Marek Malik and Jason Strudwick will be healthy scratches.

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Updated 3/26 1:53 PM. . .

Once again the “Flyers Suck” chant does in the Rangers. As soon as the fans started the chant, I turned to Eric and said, “We’re [expletive deleted]-ed.” We were hoping that the Rangers’ negative karma from the fans’ chant would be offset by the Flyers’ negative karma from Hartnell’s sucker punch to the back of Prucha’s head… but alas, ye veritable hockey gods would not be so easily appeased. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, see the Sidebar in this post).

A few more thoughts on last night’s game:

  • Sean Avery, you know we love you (see this post). But that was a really bad pass. Next time, dump it in the corner please.
  • Do you think Petr Prucha was trying to make a statement that he belongs in the lineup? He brought consistent energy the whole night and was mixing it up in front of both nets. Well done. I hope Renney keeps him in the lineup.
  • Isn’t it a sad state of affairs when Jaromir Jagr scoring a goal is a newsworthy item?

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Rangers vs. Flyers – UPDATE

Michal Rozsival is a late scratch because of a leg injury. Paul Mara will play in his place alongside Marek Malik in what may be the slowest defense tandem in history (j/k). It will be Mara’s first game back from injury after suffering a broken bone in his face against Buffalo on Feb. 23rd.

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The Rangers play the Flyers for the eighth and final time this season tonight at the Garden. The game starts at 7:30 and is on ESPN OLN Vs. Good thing I’ll be there!

Here’s what the lines will look like:

D is the same and Henrik Lundqvist gets the nod.

Scott Gomez is Day-to-Day with bruised ribs.

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Petr is very excited to be playing a gamePrucha that is. According to Sam Weinman, Petr Prucha was skating with Chris Drury and Ryan Callahan. That would put Martin Straka on the first line with Brandon Dubinsky and Jaromir Jagr. No word who will center the second line. My guess is Sean Avery.

In related news, our sister Melissa is extremely happy.

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After starting the game without the services of the injured Blair Betts, the Rangers quickly lost another Center when Scott Gomez hit a rut in the ice and crashed into the boards early in the first period. Early reports were that he had broken 2 ribs, but reports from Steve Zipay, Sam Weinman, and John Dellapina say that Gomez has no broken bones and may in fact play on Tuesday. No word yet on what the plan is if Gomez won’t be able to play.

So the Rangers lost in a shootout. Frankly, I’m amazed the game actually made it to a shootout. The Rangers looked lost for the first two periods and were kept in the game by Stephen Valiquette. It wasn’t until the Flyers scored in the third period to make it 2-0 that the Rangers suddenly realized they needed to, as Marc would say, “flip the switch.” And as the Flyers fans, content with their team’s two-goal lead, began a chant of, “Rangers suck,” the Rangers suddenly turned it on.

Sidebar: There are many things that are chanted at hockey games. But there are very few that will anger the Hockey Gods. One of the chants that I feel is a big no-no is to chant that the other team sucks. I’ve been to many Rangers games and I’ve heard it twice. Both times, it’s come back to bite us, hard. Once against the Devils (Rangers up 1-0 then lost 2-1) and once against the Flyers (Rangers up 2-0 then lost 3-2).

Now, the Flyers fans were chanting, “Rangers suck!” and suddenly, the Rangers had tied the game at 2-2. The Flyers ended up scoring again but then Jaromir Jagr, of all people, threw the puck towards the net from an off angle and–OH MY GOD!— it deflected into the net off of a Flyer!

So what is the lesson that the Rangers have to take from this game?

  1. Get bodies in front of the net! This screens the goalie and sets up deflections.
  2. Take shots on said net. You’re not gonna score unless you shoot. (duh)
  3. Pounce on rebounds. If you’ve completed steps 1 and 2, step 3 should present itself and lead to goals!

Honestly, I can’t be disappointed that the Rangers only got one point from this game. The way they played, they really didn’t deserve any. Hopefully they feel the presure on Tuesday and pick it up against the Flyers in the rematch at MSG.


Notes: Christian Backman had an assist on all three goals last night. This was Stephen Valiquette’s first start since February 10 against the Capitals in Washington.

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